Your health is our business

The Business Health Group exists for one reason:

to help you get better.

The Business Health Group team


With two decades of expertise in all things physical (personal training, performance coaching, physiotherapy) and mental (counselling, psychotherapy), we’re not your average wellness company. Founded by a pair of working dads—with three under-5s, between them—BHG is less of a firm, more of a family.



In a Venn diagram of fitness and philosophy, Dale sits square in the middle. A seasoned PT and performance coach, he’s fascinated by both body and brain. After a decade spent helping students, CEOs and stay-at-home mums hit their gym goals, Dale swapped his barbells for the boardroom. By applying BHG’s unique approach — that aligns physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing—he guides others to power-up their productivity. An eternal optimist, Dales believes human potential knows no limit; anything is possible.


Having rubbed shoulders with sports teams around the world (or, more accurately, their injured muscles), Stephen’s skills as a physio means he knows pain. As such, he knows the physical part of any injury is tiny compared to an individual’s psychology. And that discomfort—in any form—is a barrier to be conquered. To Stephen, empowering regular people to get better is more rewarding than healing pro footballers could ever be. Because when you help people to help themselves, the impact is far-reaching and lifelong.


Get better.

We discovered that we could bring about greater success for our clients by creating a combined approach, drawing upon each of our areas of expertise (mental well-being, nutritional well-being and physical well-being).