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Your health is our business

The Business Health Group exists for one reason:

to help you get better.

The Business Health Group team


With more than two decades of expertise in all things physical (personal training, performance coaching, physiotherapy) and mental (counselling, psychotherapy), we’re not your average wellbeing company.



An experienced personal trainer and performance coach, Dale has spent the past 15 years helping clients not only achieve their health goals, but also helped them make shifts in their mentality along the way. With his passion for coaching he helps clients tackle a variety of mental health challenges to get them back performing better in both their work and personal life. His demeanour is supportive, challenging and cooperative and he finds this an effective way to get the best out of his clients.


Having initially started his career in elite sport as a physiotherapist Stephen soon began to get greater reward working with a handful of private clients in his own time and it is here his role began to transition. After qualifying as an NLP practitioner Stephen began to really hone his skills as a health coach and mentor. Using a unique blend of empathy and motivation he empowers individuals with a knowledge and mindset to become the best version of themselves.



Jonathan is a psychotherapist, senior accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor, supervisor and lecturer. With a Doctorate in Counselling from The University of Manchester. He is also a proud director of the International Attachment Network, an international charity promoting Attachment Theory in 46 countries. Offering counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, executive coaching and many different schools of therapy with a pluralistic / relational approach.

Jonathan also oversees the Peak Performance coaching programme and the Calm Minds network.

Get better.

We discovered that we could bring about greater success for our clients by creating a combined approach, drawing upon each of our areas of expertise (mental well-being, nutritional well-being and physical well-being).

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