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Our approach

Ultimately we’re passionate about all employee wellbeing, but we know all too often business leaders and senior staff can think that they’re immune to the likes of burnout and mental health issues, only recognising the signs when it’s too late.

So we’re starting at the top.


With more than 10 years supporting both people and businesses we have developed a programme to engage, empower
and re-energise your team.

With a blend of 1 to 1 and group support our

Peak Performance Health and Lifestyle Mentorship Programme

levels up your leaders and puts wellbeing at the forefront of your organisation across a 6 month course.



Completion of the digital lifestyle survey

The digital lifestyle questionnaire is designed to look into the current lifestyle habits of your team.


Looking into their behaviours around

Nutrition, Stress, Sleep and Physical Activity.


Upon completion each employee receives a personalised 'Health & Lifestyle Report' via email.



Private 1 to 1 with an expert health coach

Designed to provide a safe space to talk privately and confidentially about all aspects of health and lifestyle.

At the conclusion of this session candidates leave with a mutually agreed action plan to improve their health and lifestyle over the course of the next 6 months.

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Helping each candidate implement their personal health action plans

Each candidate receives 4 follow up ‘check-ins’ with their coach across the course of the programme.

The purpose of these sessions is to;


  • check in on progress against the agreed action plan

  • discuss any obstacles they might be facing

  • agree any necessary changes to actions to continue progress

  • create a sense of accountability to help them to stay on track



Digital workshop delivery

A series of digital workshops delivered to cover the relevant topics already discussed in the reports and coaching sessions.


Each one delving deeper into topics and designed to advance understanding, keeping things front of mind and create an opportunity to share challenges.



Evaluation of improvement made by each employee and the company as a whole

As the programme draws to a close a repeat of the digital lifestyle survey is used to illustrate the level of improvement made by each candidate and provide an overview of the cohort as a whole.

Data here can be used alongside pre and post baseline measures of productivity, absence & presenteeism as well as with employee satisfaction and engagement scores to help generate a greater picture of the success of the programme.



An evaluation of the progress made

The final session allows candidates the opportunity to review progress with their coach, receive any additional support and look back at the achievements of the previous six months.

More importantly this session is designed to discuss and agree on sustainable actions for the maintenance of such behaviours in order to continue to benefit from the increases in both health and performance.

The Health Triad

At The Business Health Group we believe that Mental Health, Physical Health and Nutritional Health go hand in hand and that a multi-disciplinary approach must be taken for each of us to find peak health and performance.


Mental Health

Finally workplaces are alert to the power of a healthy mind. There is no doubt that we leave the pandemic with a greater awareness of mental health and with a rising number of mental health issues this is no longer an area that can be pushed to one side.


Physical Health

Exercise—both in work and at home—is proven to supercharge a person’s energy, focus and morale. By keeping your staff active and engaged, our plans spike productivity, while solving health problems before they start. This, of course, reduces sick days.


Nutritional Health

Food is fuel, but what good is that if it’s entirely without joy? We’ll educate your staff about their individual dietary needs, and empower them to create habits that ensure peak performance. All this, with boosted immunity (and therefore fewer absences) on the side.

Our services.

We take a data led approach to provide you and your team with tailored wellbeing advice and a confidence to put the solutions in place that will have the greatest impact.


Personal Wellbeing Assessments


Health & Lifestyle



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