Our approach

We take the hassle out of providing an effective solution for your business so that you can focus on the 100’s of other things that you need to do each day


Our services are designed to be simple and effective to implement into your business.

Whether it’s our live and on demand digital wellbeing workshops, our virtual workout classes or our personal wellbeing assessments you can have access to it all at just the click of a button.


Step 1 - M.O.T

Our Health Compass Survey is designed to help you choose which direction to take with your wellbeing strategy. The completion of the survey takes a brief look into the existing wellbeing culture of your organisation, helps to highlight area’s for improvement and provides access to resources to help promote positive change.

Step 2 - Service

Our innovative Personal Wellbeing Assessment provides an in-depth, company-wide assessment of your team’s health and lifestyle habits providing personalised reports and an organisational overview to help spot potential pain points and open the discussion for areas of future focus.

Step 3 - Repair

Taking a data led approach means that we can deliver solutions that suit the wants and needs of your people. From digital workshops to virtual workouts, together we make your business happy, healthy and productive.


The Health Triad

At The Business Health Group we believe that Mental Health, Physical Health and Nutritional Health go hand in hand and that a multi-disciplinary approach must be taken for each of us to find peak health and performance.


Mental Health

Finally workplaces are alert to the power of a healthy mind. There is no doubt that we enter the post Covid era with a greater awareness of mental health and with a rising number of mental health issues this is no longer an area that can be pushed to one side.


Physical Health

Exercise—both in work and at home—is proven to supercharge a person’s energy, focus and morale. By keeping your staff active and engaged, our plans spike productivity, while solving health problems before they start. This, of course, reduces sick days.


Nutritional Health

Food is fuel, but what good is that if it’s entirely without joy? We’ll educate your staff about their individual dietary needs, and empower them to create habits that ensure peak performance. All this, with boosted immunity (and therefore fewer absences) on the side.

Our services.

We take a data led approach to provide you and your team with tailored wellbeing advice and a confidence to put the solutions in place that will have the greatest impact.


Personal Wellbeing Assessments


Digital Workshops 


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