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At the Business Health Group we strongly believe that in order to successfully cultivate a happy, healthy and productive workforce, wellbeing must be prioritised as part of a greater employee wellbeing strategy, where both immediate support and more longer term, preventative approaches are integrated to nurture the mental, physical and nutritional health of your employees.

Not having a wellbeing strategy in place can mean that initiatives are either not engaged with or simply do not support the needs and wants of the workforce, risking negative impacts on productivity, both absenteeism and presenteeism and testing the loyalty of your team.

With this in mind there are a few things that your strategy must consider in order to ensure the success of your investments...


Step 1 - Gain support

Ensure that your organisations wellbeing strategy has board level and senior managerial support (the most successful wellbeing cultures work top down AND bottom up).

Step 2 - Measure success

Ensure that your strategy sets out clear outcome measures from the onset. Not doing so can make it difficult to judge the success of your interventions. 

Step 3 - Clearly define roles

Make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the strategy, much like your organisation as a whole everyone has their part to play, wellbeing champions, mental health first aiders, senior leaders and hr etc.


Step 4 - Stay informed

Continue to gather as much data/feedback as possible from various sources such as employee surveys, productivity measures, sickness absence analysis, intervention engagement rates and exit interviews etc in order to ensure that you are continuing to combat the individual needs and wants of your organisation and it’s employees. One size does not fit all!!!

Lets talk.

Discover in more detail the real needs and wants of your employees and provide your workforce with personalised wellbeing advice using our digital Personal Wellbeing Assessment

Beyond this we believe there are 6 key areas that should feature within any successful wellbeing strategy.

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Physical Wellbeing

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Nutritional Wellbeing

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Rest & Recovery




Mental Wellbeing



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