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Tip 1 - Ask for feedback


Tip 2 - Recognise achievement

Recognise employee achievements both in and out of work. Has someone got married, ran a marathon or gained a promotion?  Make employees feel special and give them their moment.


Make a point of regularly asking for employee feedback and where appropriate publish results and the actions you as an organisation will be taking going forward. Employees appreciate being listened to.

Tip 3 - Keep the big picture front of mind

Remind employees of the organisations bigger picture and have senior leaders/ line managers point out each individuals role within that to help make employees feel an important part of the process and keep everyone striving towards the same goal.

With this in mind we’d encourage you to consider the following few tips to help boost the contribution aspect of your wellbeing plan...

Tony Robins describes contribution as one of his 6 basic human needs and we couldn’t agree more. In one way or another we all need to feel that we are contributing to a greater purpose and providing this purpose in the workplace is a great way to boost productivity, engagement and happiness amongst employees.

Lets talk.

Discover in more detail the real needs and wants of your employees and provide your workforce with personalised wellbeing advice using our digital Personal Wellbeing Assessment

Beyond this we believe there are 6 key areas that should feature within any successful wellbeing strategy.

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Physical Wellbeing

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Nutritional Wellbeing

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Rest & Recovery




Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing Strategy

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