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Mental Wellbeing


There is no doubt that supporting mental wellbeing has become one of the most paramount things you should be doing to take care and get the best out of your employees. Rather worryingly it is understood that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem of some kind each year, whether that’s work related or not there is little doubt this will be having an effect on their output in the workplace.

With this in mind consider these few tips to help boost the mental wellbeing aspect of your strategy...


Tip 1 - Education is key


Tip 2 - Provide tools & techniques

Consider offering employees self management tools and techniques such as mindfulness and meditation sessions, journaling opportunities and/or peer support.


Consider providing ongoing education and training to help employees recognise mental health issues within themselves and those around them.

Tip 3 - Consider enhanced support options

Can you offer employees the opportunity to access clinically sound, confidential and timely psychological interventions and support, this is often in the form of an EAP.

Tip 4 - Keep training proportionate

Consider specific training of a proportionate number of employees to become mental health first aiders, providing individuals with an opportunity to get immediate in-house support and appropriate signposting if/when necessary.

Lets talk.

Discover in more detail the real needs and wants of your employees and provide your workforce with personalised wellbeing advice using our digital Personal Wellbeing Assessment

Beyond this we believe there are 6 key areas that should feature within any successful wellbeing strategy.

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Physical Wellbeing

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Nutritional Wellbeing

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Rest & Recovery



Wellbeing Strategy



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