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Nutritional Wellbeing


The workplace is the perfect place to raise awareness and transform mind-sets and behaviours towards healthy eating and nutrition. Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet can contribute to a whole range of benefits for both employers and employees alike, including decreased stress and anxiety, boosts in mood and energy levels, and a lower risk of disease and illness all of which can only bring about a greater benefit to the organisation.

With this in mind we’d encourage you to consider the following few tips to boost the nutritional wellbeing aspect of your wellbeing plan...


Tip 1 - Education is key

Provide ongoing education around an awareness of how their nutritional choices can impact health and performance. This can be in the form of onsite or digital workshops/seminars or simply the use of flyers and/or posters around common break out spaces, toilets and of course the canteen where applicable.


Tip 2 - Create healthy choices

Try to ensure that employees have onsite opportunities to choose healthy meals and/or snacks. Consider healthy choices in canteens and healthy vending machines and/or fruit bowls in the staff room.


Tip 3 - Don't limit your thinking to onsite

Signpost local healthy eateries for those wanting/needing to leave the premises for food and drink. Consider setting up a business discount for employees to further encourage these behaviours.

Tip 4 - Promote water

Consider providing water stations for employees to access fresh drinking water, encouraging the consumption of water over energy drinks and carbonated options.

Lets talk.

Discover in more detail the real needs and wants of your employees and provide your workforce with personalised wellbeing advice using our digital Personal Wellbeing Assessment

Beyond this we believe there are 6 key areas that should feature within any successful wellbeing strategy.

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Physical Wellbeing


Wellbeing Strategy

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Rest & Recovery




Mental Wellbeing



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