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As a population it is no secret that we’re becoming increasingly sedentary, bringing about the risk of serious ill health, not to mention all of those aches and pains in between. Discover how being active doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships and gruelling HIIT sessions.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Is our new sedentary lifestyle is quite literally killing us...Whilst it might sound a little extreme genuine comparisons can be drawn between the two. Just like smoking, the harmful effects of sitting can be subtle but no less destructive.


Fix Your Desk Set Up

It is now understood that we spend more time sat behind our desk than we do at any other activity in our lives. When you think about it hopefully you begin to understand that the very way in which we sit for these periods of time becomes pretty important.

Combating Desk Posture

We understand that there are times that you quite simply cannot get away from your desk hence why we’ve come up with these quick, easy and hopefully more convenient exercises to help provide the solution.

NEAT...Move More

With today’s hectic, time poor lifestyles getting in our physical activity is becoming increasingly challenging despite the need for us to do it perhaps never having been higher. But what if we told you needn’t have to exercise again...well sort of.

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