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Physical Wellbeing


Tip 1 - Activity supporting facilities


Tip 2 - Encourage employees 

Consider signage around the workplace that encourages employees to take more day to day activity such as avoiding the lifts, or taking phone calls on their feet and/or promote the introduction of walking meetings at all levels of your organisation.


Could you consider installing activity supporting facilities such as bike parking facilities to encourage cycling to work and/or shower facilities to freshen up after a lunch time run or exercise class.

Tip 3 - Create a timetable of activities 

Consider bringing in exercise professionals to offer a timetable of on or offsite physical activities specific to your employees wants/needs, from sunrise circuits to lunchtime yoga. A great way to not only improve the physical wellbeing of your workforce but also add an additional team building aspect.


With this in mind here are a few ideas to consider to help boost the physical wellbeing aspect of your plan...

Maintaining and improving physical health and wellbeing in the workplace is enormously important for both employers and employees alike.

In addition to the obvious cultural benefits of having healthier, happier employees – physically fit employees can help boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and decrease rates of illness and presenteeism.

Tip 4 - Create opportunity 

Create opportunities for employees to be more active, consider diary blackouts, encourage and reward active colleagues to champion workplace health and activity, make physical activity the norm.

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