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A WFH Guide to Nutrition

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Because it can’t all be bottomless coffee and least not all the time anyway.

So as we head towards lockdown 2.0 and you consider joining the hoards of people topping up on pasta and loo roll again (that’s if you’ve ran out since the last time). Here are a couple of other things for you to consider as you look to fuel yourself over the next few weeks.

Plan your Meals

I know, I know, yet another boring nutrition article sprouting (get it? haha) on about how you should plan your meals, but its true. Planning you meals is beneficial on so many levels...first of all it means you’ll be able to buy what you and nothing more, reducing waste and saving money at a time when you might only be picking up 80% of your income and have Christmas on the horizon.

Only Buy What You Need

By not only planning your meals but then going on to only buy what you need you can also control what goes in to the cupboards. By planning not just meals but snacks too you can avoid filling the cupboards with crisps and biscuits and a whole host of other temptations which we can all be guilty of indulging ourselves with at times of stress and anxiety. Yet many of these so called snacks as has been discussed many times before are laced with sugar and calories neither likely to support our performance nor health goals in the short and long term.

Plan Your Snacks

Planning your snacks as discussed means that your cupboards can be supportive of your work performance and health goals and needn’t tug at your willpower as you fight off the temptation to open that packet of biscuits as we both know how that ends. Consider buying in plenty of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables to help see you through keeping hunger at bay and energy levels consistent.

Batch Cook Your Meals

Here’s another one that crops up a lot in nutrition articles but this one can help to keep your working day on track too. You see by batch cooking meals or cooking an extra portion of your evening meal you will have a ready made meal to have come lunch time, therefore allowing you to still ‘grab and go’ like the good old days in the office and can also mean you could have some spare time to enjoy some fresh air before returning to your desk/ dining room table.

Stay Hydrated

Yep, coffee’s great, where would we be without it, however it’s important to understand it can also have it’s adverse effects come the evening. We’d suggest you limit your coffee’s to just one or two per day and avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm (8-10hrs before bed). In the meantime be sure to stay hydrated with water, aiming for 2 plus litres per day to help support your health and performance.

Enjoy That Treat

I bet you didn’t think we’d be saying this one did you? But we get it, lifes tough enough at the moment where would we be without the odd hit of indulgence. The trick here is to exercise some control and not over do it, whether it’s a glass of wine (not a bottle) a biscuit after tea (not a packet) we’d encourage you to enjoy these treats at the end of the day so not to let the adverse effects impact your working hours with dips in energy. Always keeping you health related goals in mind too, don’t go undoing all your hard work in this period there’s still plenty of opportunity for progress.

As always if there's anything we can help you and/or your team with along the lines of Physical, Mental and Nutritional health please do not hesitate to get in touch we'd be only too happy to put you in touch with one of our experts.

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