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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A saying that has come up in the news a lot in these recent weeks and the same rings true for your health and fitness goals.

No matter what it is you’re trying to achieve there is a point where the time comes to stop writing down your goals, setting out plans and thinking about what your future self could look and feel like but to actually put some action in place and to begin that journey.

Now I’m not knocking goal setting, far from it, I’m a huge advocate for jotting down short, medium and long term targets to help keep me focussed, whether that’s trying to lose a little bit of body fat before a holiday or setting out plans for the future of our business.

But once we’ve got all the exciting stuff written down it’s time to get a grip on those smaller but all important daily actions and behaviours. Without these our goals and targets will never make it any further than that simple piece of paper. It is also these very same actions and behaviours that begin to give us belief that we can and will achieve our end goal. Of course adopting any new behaviour and trying to form new habits is tough as we try to break through that inertia. It’s important to note that often we’re not talking about huge changes in behaviour but smaller alterations that can be built upon as we progress. Ticking of those daily wins and achievements breeds confidence, reaching a step count, hitting a water target, getting in bed on time can all seem like relatively simple actions, but if done consistently can yield some pretty significant health results.

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve it is vital that the majority of your daily actions set you up for success. I say majority because it is also important to understand that some of those older, lesser supportive behaviours may still be present from time to time and that’s okay too as long as we don’t let these detract us from our main goal.

Is it time you looked back at your goals and thought about those smaller daily actions you can start now to help get the ball rolling and set you up on that path for success?

And remember...a goal without action is just a dream.

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