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Here we go again...Lockdown 2.0

Here We Go Again...
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So with the commencement of Lockdown 2.0 well underway it got me thinking about all the things that got us through (both mentally and physically) the first time round.

I can already sense a spring in peoples steps as the latest news raps lyrical about the success of the latest run of vaccine trials and there is most definitely a greater sense of hope that we might actually see an end to all of this soon.

However in the here and now it is still difficult to deal with the latest round of national restrictions, as there appears to be a much greater dispute as to whether all of this is really necessary. On one hand you're thinking we've done it before we'll be fine, it's only 4 weeks it'll soon pass and on the other you're thinking here we go again, how longs this one going to last for, as the nights draw in and on an almost daily basis yet another plan is being cancelled.

So without further ado, lets get stuck into just a few of the things we thought might help to keep you sane over the next few weeks...

Look for the opportunities;

Okay, I'm not talking about everyone transitioning their businesses into sanitizer distillery's or toilet roll factories but this period can provide an opportunity for each and every one of us.

Now whether that's spending more time at home with family, learning a new skill or taking the time to consider future options. Try some new recipes in the kitchen or

Stay Connected;

It's been said a million times but at a time when we're being told to keep apart we must all make an effort to come together and stay connected, especially with loved ones. Whether it's friends or family make sure you're making time to check in on each other.

Make that phone call, book a zoom chat or even plan a walk with a friend, my little girls have enjoyed drawing pictures and writing letters to grandparents too. At a time when we'd all be making plans for parties, meals, drinks and catch ups it is vital that we stay safe, stick together and stay connected.

Get Outside;

With the darker, colder, wetter, shorter days it would be all too easy to keep the curtains closed and not look at the outside world but the benefits of getting outside in the daylight are huge both physically and mentally.

I've seen lots of people discussing how they've been doing a fake commute, taking the time of a morning to get out and walk to a local coffee shop, listen to some music, listen to an audio-book or a podcast or just mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Getting outside can be a great excuse to get up and away from your makeshift desk, connect with a loved one and get some fresh air.

Make Progress;

It'd be all to easy certainly at this time of the year to write 2020 off and just sit back and wait for a fresh start in January. But just like in point 1, I'd ask you to find something you can make progress with during this period.

Have you been meaning to do those home improvements, pick back up that musical instrument or have you been putting off your business accounts. Maybe you want to shift a couple of pounds so you can 'enjoy' all that cheese and wine over the Christmas period. What ever it is try to make sure you come out of this 4 week period having achieved something rather than standing still.

Switch Off;

It's all good looking for opportunities and trying to make progress but sometimes it's more important to cut yourself some slack and just switch off too.

Take a bath, leave your phone at home or on 'do not disturb' whilst you go for a walk, try a digital blackout where you lock or uninstall your social apps.

It's become increasingly difficult to switch off during this period, with the line between work and home blurred and the often barrage of negativity all over the news and across social media. With this in mind it is important to set yourself clear start and end times to your 'working' day and control your exposure to media content. By all means stay informed but just be mindful who's doing the informing.

So there we have it our top 5 tips for survival over the next few weeks. Please write in the comments any other actions you think will help get you through to the end of the year.

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