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Two months of My BHG for £500

PLUS! Free lifestyle reports for every employee

Some investments are risky

Like penny stocks. Emerging markets. Bitcoin.


Others make sense—you just need a fortune to begin with.

Think property. Government bonds. Gold bullion.


And rarely (like very, very rarely), there’s a sure thing. A ‘no brainer’ investment so magic, so remarkable, so mathematically sound—the bigger risk is not spending your money.



Like the Loch Ness Monster riding a shooting star, you seldom see such miracles. But they do exist.



Speaking of which—here’s one for you:

Special offer!

For a limited time, you can get two-months’ access to My BHG for the knockdown price of £500. And that’s not all. Your staff will each receive an in-depth lifestyle report—free of charge.

My BHG is a dedicated workplace app, expertly curated for your team. It’s loaded with features—each one engineered to improve health, mood and focus. There’s round-the-clock support, in case you need it. Best of all, our mix of workouts, recipes and resources is proven to limit costly sick days, while also boosting performance.


In short—My BHG helps your staff while it saves you money.


Meanwhile, our lifestyle reports help your workers better understand themselves. Pairing science with expertise, we study sleep, exercise, diet and stress levels to create a comprehensive profile, then outline goals for a better work- and home-life.

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Why the mega discount?

Times are hard. Winter is long. Even booming, pandemic-proof businesses have one eye on expenditure.


But this is different. You know what a sure thing looks like. You understand your staff’s health and happiness is key to protecting profit. Although this isn’t about just stopping loss, is it? The greater risk is not spending—and here’s why.


It’s proven (by the London School of Economics, no less) that for every pound invested in a wellbeing

programme, your company gets £10 in return.


So, if you ignore yesterday, now is the best time to invest in your workers’ physical, nutritional and mental health. Because you’re not only guaranteeing their happiness,

wellbeing and focus, you’re banking on your company’s future.


It really is a no brainer.

All this, for just £500. That’s £250 a month.

Or £8.20 a day. Thirty-four pence an hour.

Get (even) better

That’s it. Two months of our revolutionary app for £500, with life-changing assessments thrown in for good measure. There’s no catch. Or hidden tricks. Just a proven route to happier, healthier, more productive staff—for two-hundredths of a penny a minute.


But act fast. This is a time limited offer.


Don’t forget—the greatest risk is doing nothing. So come join Nessie on her shooting star. Get in touch to save your place (and your money) today.


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