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With bills to pay, deadlines looming and sales targets to meet we are all familiar with that awful feeling of stress. Stress is however a normal part of life, we can experience stress from our environment, our body and even our thoughts. Mental wellbeing isn’t so much about eradicating stress but more so being better able to deal with it.

Find Someone to talk to


The importance of talking about our mental health cannot be overstressed. Too often we wait until things boil up and explode before we feel the need to open up.

Sharpening The Saw

Accepting that both your work and personal challenges aren’t likely to change too much any time soon, it is vital that you have a strategy to help you deal with them, and that’s where making the time to sharpen your saw comes in.

Aaaand Breathe

When we become conscious of our breathing we have the power to control our overall health and performance, impacting everything from our state of mind all the way to our body’s chemistry.


We spend so much of our lives concentrating on what we want and perhaps more to the point what we haven’t got that we don’t give thought to what we do have and the things we should be grateful for.

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