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Tip 1 - Create a health culture


Tip 2 - Promote awareness

Make sure that employees are continuously made aware of the support that is available to them. Build this awareness into regular newsletters, staff room signage or part of monthly meetings and appraisals.


Culture of any description is often driven from the top down, in order for health promoting behaviours to become the norm it is important that they are seen to be adopted by senior members of staff too.

Tip 3 - Champion your behaviours

Make everyone aware of the health promoting behaviours you are supporting so that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and therefore healthy actions will no longer be taboo.

With this in mind we’d encourage you to consider the following few tips to help contribute to the support aspect of your wellbeing plan...

Support can come in numerous different forms from having a shoulder to lean on in times of need to simply feeling comfortable to be yourself in the working environment. Providing this support in the workplace is a sure fire way to create happy, engaged and productive employees.

Beyond this we believe there are 6 key areas that should feature within any successful wellbeing strategy.

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Physical Wellbeing

plan (2).png

Nutritional Wellbeing

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Rest & Recovery


Wellbeing Strategy


Mental Wellbeing



Discover in more detail the real needs and wants of your employees and provide your workforce with personalised wellbeing advice using our digital Personal Wellbeing Assessment

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